Michaelis ir Rubensas


Nežinau, ar skaitėte vakarykštės spaudos konferencijos tekstą, bet aš negalėjau praleisti pro šalį fakto, kad Schumacheris išsiuntė Rubensui atsiprašymo ir pasveikinimo SMS’ą.
Galima čia išvesti daug teorijų, tačiau esmės nepakeisi – Michaelis žengė žingsnį, kuris ambicingam žmogui, dažniausiai, atrodo netoleruotinas ir net neįmanomas.
Tokį poelgį galima tik gerbti.

Jei kas neskaitė, štai to momento tekstukas (in english)

Q: (Ian Parkes – The Press Association) Michael, we’ve just been speaking with Rubens Barrichello. He mentioned that you sent him a text message today, apologising for what had occurred during the Hungarian Grand Prix. Do you have any plans to speak to him personally this weekend regarding that?

MS: I have no problem speaking to Rubens, absolutely, but there were two reasons I sent him a text and one of the main reasons was that it’s his 300th grand prix. We have quite a history together, so I thought it was appropriate to congratulate him and clarify the point. He sort of felt that I wanted to push him against the wall and very clearly, this was not my ambition. I wanted to race very tightly but without any wall contact and to clarify this point, if he felt this was the case then I was sorry for that.

3 thoughts on “Michaelis ir Rubensas

  1. zinutes tekstas: “Dear Rubens, congratulations to your 300th gp. ps – guess who won 90 of those gp’s biaaatch” 😀


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